I’m far away, my love, and
you are not with me. How
could I let you go? How
could you just leave me?
I try remembering when
have we begin and end,
and I say to myself then
that love is just a game.
I know when you came
to me, last August night,
and I was sitting right
on a bench, looking at the moonlight.
You were so cute, so nice,
as pretty as a sunrise.
Your beautiful, blue eyes
made me memorize
how deep it is the sea,
and how could you love me.
Now, our love is dead,
and you too are dead.
Eventhough, I’m still loving you,
and I’ll be missing you

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Citind blogul, afli câte ceva și despre persoana care și-a pus bucăți de suflet pe hârtie..

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